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January 1, 2030

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APSAC and Center for Child Policy Release Joint Position Statement on Separating Children and Families at the US Border

June 20, 2018 |

APSAC Center for Child Policy

Separation of children and parents as it is currently being implemented for political purposes or to scare desperate parents with children away from our southern border is unconscionable.  APSAC calls upon our government to immediately end this abusive practice. Read the entire statement here.


Child-serving and professional organizations from all over the country have also taken a stance in opposition of this practice. See links to the statements of other organizations here.

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WATCH: Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau's TEDMED Talk Discusses Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Before it Occurs

What if we designed effective prevention programs for pedophiles before they acted out on their inappropriate desires?


This is the topic that Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau, one of the CCP Experts, discusses during her TEDMED talk about preventing child sexual abuse.

September 13, 2017 |

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APSAC Center for Child Policy


An Empirically-Based Approach for Prosecuting Juvenile Sex Crimes

When politicians and policymakers fail to act, Paul Stern says that it’s incumbent upon prosecutors to ensure that their decisions are guided by the best available research and an understanding of empirical information when they’re faced with the difficult task of prosecuting juvenile sexual offenders.


Stern’s recently published paper, An Empirically Based Approach for Prosecuting Juvenile Sex Crimes, is a powerful tool for prosecutors to help them do the right thing and follow the evidence.

February 22, 2018 |

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APSAC Center for Child Policy

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Child Maltreatment Reporting Laws


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